Komodo Dragon Facts for Kids

Incredible facts for kids about the Komodo dragon

The Komodo dragon is one of the biggest as well as the heaviest lizard in the world and normally in the lizard may grow up to eight feet which means three meters long. In the Komodo dragon is considered to be the giant reptile because it can be live around approximately million of years. In the Komodo dragon contains so many incredible values so that here you may get the Komodo dragon facts for kids. Do you know? In the giant lizard have the ability to run very fast, it may reach 20 km per hour.

Reason for choosing the island as their living space:

In the Komodo dragon is one of the rare spices and it can be found only on five islands that are Rinca, Gili montang, Flores island and the Lesser Sunda islands of Komodo. The final island is the Dasami and the main reason for choosing this island for the favourite spot because in the komodo dragon mostly likes the extreme heat.  In the Komodo dragon select the home in two purpose which means in the komodo stay normally at the warm climate in the night. The main reason for this approach is to make the burrows for nestle down. In the daytime, it can maintain the cool atmosphere for the same burrow. The name of the Komodo dragon comes through the rumours of the people. Which means, in early days in the largest lizard is considered to be the dragon like creature so that it was mentioned as the Komodo dragon. In the Smithsonian national park report reveals that in the male and female Komodo dragon contains the different size normally in the male komodo grows up to eight to nine feet but in the female komodo grows only six feet.

Diet fact of the Komodo dragon in islands:

In the Komodo dragon have the perfect vision because it can easily see the objects as far away as the 958 feet or the 300 meters. In the same time, it may wait for a long time to find their food and the sense of smell may act as the primary source of the komodo to find the food. In the Komodo dragon facts for kids may express the facts of the hunting style of the komodo. The Komodo dragon is one of the carnivores which mean it can eat meat so that it obtains the food through the hunting process. The hunting function of the komodo is called as the fierce hunting because they can do the hunting process in the violent way. Generally in the komodo hunt larger prey, which means it mainly, hunts the water buffalo, carrion and sometime it may hunts human also. In the national geographic data express those in the Komodo dragon have the ability to eat 80percent of its body weight. In the komodo follows the unique method to kill larger prey in their hunting process. Escape from the unique killing method of the komodo to other large prey isles possibility.